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VIP Alarm

Safeii Alarm enhed, Series 8

Series 8 and is primarily aimed at the professional who needs a highly effective and very durable alarm. Although the Series 8 has many functions, it is kept in a very simple design. That is why there are only two buttons on the alarm, one to switch it on and off and one large SOS button on the front. In this way, the SOS button can be found quickly and help is thus quickly obtained. That's how we think it should be – Simple and straightforward.

It is intended to be worn in the waist belt or attached to the jacket, it is simple to operate and the subscription includes access to the GSA Alarm platform as well as an app with information and maps with GPS location. Via the app, it is also possible to cancel any error alarms.


Safeii månedligt abonnement

kr.199,00 / month


VIP Alarm


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